Things 3 released on May 18th

Screen Shot 2017 05 04 at 10 50 09

I’m not sure why I have such an obsession with this app. It is without a doubt beautiful in all its incarnations, but it’s by no means the most usable and it’s not close to being in feature parity with the likes of OmniFocus and Todoist. It is delightful to use though, even if too many taps are needed for simple tasks.

Anyway, suffice it to say I am excited by the imminent arrival of Things 3 and on my birthday no less. It was meant to be!

I truly hope that they’ve added functionality and not just updated the UI. Unfortunately the tease UI of the quick entry field does not bolster my hopes. Tags look to have been relegated to a selection item, and there is no sign of an option to attach files to a todo. There are a couple of new items, one of which looks like a flag option, the other is a mystery. Perhaps sub items on a task?

I guess I’ll find out on the 18th.

Things 3 by Cultured Code

Things 3 is coming

More than three years after its announcement, it finally looks like Cultured Code is about to release version 3 of its task manager, Things. Things is the most beautifully designed task manager I have ever used, and I used it and stuck with it for years. A lack of significant functionality updates finally made me switch to Omnifocus, then to Todoist. I have high hopes that Things 3 will bring up to par with its competition. I would switch back in a hot second if version 3 offered;

  • File uploads
  • An email address to send tasks too
  • An API to allow automation

Unfortunately, Cultured Code have not released any details about what version 3 will and will not do.

Is the Mac Dead?

Screen Shot 2017 03 22 at 11 13 15

There is a lot of talk at the moment about the Mac being dead. Nonsense. Apple cares about the Mac. At the moment Apple just doesn’t seem to be delivering much. Look at the major lines;

– iPhone: The case has not had any significant design changes. iOS 10 was not really a significant update.

– iPad: No new iPad Pros in a year. The 12 inch is now 12 months old. The new “iPad” is a spec bumped Air. The be honest, the hardware is great. It’s not the problem. The problem is the software! iPad has had no love since iOS9 when Apple introduced some half baked but much needed multitasking features. If Apple sees the iPad as a Mac killer, you’d think they’d be putting more effort into the Software.

– iPod: New colours. Maybe?

– Apple Watch: This seems to be progressing well and gets much fashion love in terms of new bands.

– The Mac: New models of laptops appear regularly and there is some innovation there, even if the specs are not what Pros really want. Ok, it’s not great on the desktop. The Pro has seen no updates since Dodo’s roamed the Earth. macOS gets regular love love with Apple sticking to its yearly updates.

Apple has not delivered much over the last year or so. Where there attention is at the moment is anyones guess. Perhaps great things are in the pipe. Perhaps they’re having manufacturing issues. Perhaps they’re experiencing some organisational issues.

The Mac is not neglected. Apple just isn’t delivering at the moment.